Window Styles To Preserve Your Home’s Architectural Design

When the time comes for a window replacement, homeowners often worry that the new ones will undermine the style of their living space. Consequently, they tend to pick the same design as their previous units. Asher Lasting Exteriors, your trusted window replacement contractor, discusses the type of windows that can preserve your home’s architectural look while breathing new life into it. Read more »

The success of any home improvement project depends on the homeowner’s careful planning or preparation. They have to make sure that every component meets the highest standards to guarantee long-lasting results. Siding replacement, for instance, has to be done by professional contractors. These individuals have the adequate knowledge and skills to perform such important job. Asher Lasting Exteriors shares some tips to guarantee a successful installation.

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How Renewal by Andersen® Windows Can Help You Save Energy

Windows are not just embellishments; they are a great way to illuminate your living space. Daylighting is proven to be cost-effective as it lessens your dependence on artificial lighting. This underrated source of illumination has pushed many manufacturing companies to add features that can maximize windows’ benefits. Asher Lasting Exteriors is an official dealer of top-quality replacement units from Renewal by Andersen®. Read on to learn about their key features and benefits. Read more »

Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home with Asher Lasting Exteriors picture window combinations. This window design maximizes the amount of glass space and provides your room with a beautiful view. Picture windows are beautiful on their own, but matching them with our other window styles can improve their appeal and efficiency.   Read more »

Your gutters play an important role in protecting the structural integrity of your home. Their primary role is to drive rainwater away from the foundation while preventing water damage. You, as the owner of the property, carry the primary responsibility for your gutters’ upkeep. You can, however, avoid regular cleaning and repairs by installing a top-quality gutter protection system. Read on as Asher Lasting Exteriors explains how Gutter Helmet® can benefit your home. Read more »